Choosing the perfect beige Pedestal Sink in your bathroom

Pedestal Sink

Among the various ways to mount beige Pedestal Sink, it is most common with a pedestal sink. This on the one hand, a simple design which occupies relatively little space and on the other, a very elegant product which gives much chic bath.

Like any other element of the interior, on a pedestal wash basin has its own nuances and characteristics. And the first thing worth mentioning is the height of the legs. Beige Pedestal Sink itself can be of different heights. Hence, selecting the option for themselves and their families consider all that it was convenient to use a wash basin. For example, too high a structure can be out of reach for your children. A too low will be uncomfortable, since it will need to lean on them.

Remember that you can not have to adjust the height washbasin after purchase. This is not hanging washing which can be hung at any height. There already is a fixed size legs, during which installation are not edited.

Another important aspect is the very cup. It should be fairly deep; otherwise the water will spray out. Pay attention to drainage slope it was smooth. Then the water will run down easily, leaving no traces on your trousers or puddles on the floor.

Besides depth also on the diameter note. Too large beige Pedestal Sink take up much space, and special added convenience do not bring. Even very small items too are not functional: they are sprayed with water and they are just uncomfortable.

Now used for the production of acrylic, ceramite and faience. These are the three favorite by far. In fact, each of them has its own advantages. So, the most durable ceramic and acrylic cheapest. At the same time, there are more than the original model. For example, from a tree that will please fans of eco-style. Or model of the glass, ideal for urbanism and Futurism. In general, there is a choice and it’s big enough to find something that will suit you perfectly.

Step by step guide to installing basin with house Pedestal Sink

house Pedestal Sink

When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, it is often necessary to install a house Pedestal Sink. Today, there are a large variety of models that differ in shape, size, material and manufacturing method of fastening. Installing basin includes three stages: assembly, mounting, connection to the sewage system and water supply.

The installation method will depend on the specific model. Sink attached to the wall and house Pedestal Sink serves mainly a decorative function or bowl completely that relies on a pedestal. Most often used the first option. If the sink is attached to the wall before installing, it is necessary to put the structure in pre-planned place and mark mounting points. After that, the holes are drilled, hammered tubes and the cup is screwed to the wall. Do not forget to provide screws to the spacer washers.

If you want to install a house Pedestal Sink with polupedestalom, the pipes must be fully embedded in the wall and the socket outlet drain at a distance of 0.5 meters or more from the floor. To install the first structure in the usual way screwed to the wall of the bowl then hairpin, pre-mounted on the wall, attached siphon cover. 

How to install a wash basin with pedestal

For starters, try on cabinet to the installation site and make sure that the elements of her body do not interfere with the smooth connection of water supply and sewerage. Then install the sink in the cabinet and give it a strictly horizontal position. The pedestals equipped with adjustable feet, it will not be difficult. Then follow mount sink to the wall. There are two options: Attaching special anchor bolts, sticking silicone. The second option is much easier and faster and strength, it is not much inferior to the first. After installation, washbasin with pedestal is complete then you need to connect all communications.

Choose old Pedestal Sink and Siphon Cover for the Bathroom


Modern sinks varies according to material manufacturing, shape, mounting options. However wide popularity got to old Pedestal Sink. Manufacturer of sanitary ware, furniture and accessories for the bath has a variety of models to suit all tastes.

Pedestal in most cases need to disguise the ugly communication and bring aesthetics, beauty in bathroom. The important point is that the sink or sinks with a pedestal matched in design and color. In order to facilitate the selection of buyers, plumbing today is sold in kit. In this case buying a pedestal, you’ll be sure that he is well fit into your overall design.

Sinks with pedestal often put in a small bathroom because they help to save space. This design is quite interesting in terms of design solutions. After looking at it, it seems that objects float in the air. This washbasin is mounted on the wall with screws. Old Pedestal Sink is different from polupedestalom the fact that in the first case, it provides additional support washroom more often and in the second, only hides the communication.

Everyone knows that at the moment, it can be mounted pedestal housing department employees or private plumbers. However, sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to install their own washbasin. To do this, you must follow certain tips.


How to install a pedestal washbasin


  1. It is necessary to make the top shell so that the drain hole is at the center of the pedestal.
  1. Mark on the wall to place the sink mounting.
  1. Remove the old Pedestal Sink and drill a hole which is outlined.We put the sink and fix the screws carefully screwing them to the wall.However, do not overdo it with the twist density otherwise sink may crack.
  1. Install the siphon.If the distance between the wall and the trap is small, you need to connect it to the washbasins in advance before fixing.
  1. Drain the siphon tube is connected to the sewage.
  1. Set the mixer.